My photographic journey was born from
the belief that there are stories
everywhere deserving of an honest storyteller,
and beauty worthy of a spotlight.

A little about my story

I'm a BIG fan of marriage. My husband and I have been at it for 12 years now and I still think it's the best thing I've ever done. I got into photography because I wanted to tell love stories...whether romantic love or otherwise, and I try to help people see that photographs are really, really important. They preserve our stories, our histories, our lives. They freeze moments in time. We can never get those moments back, but once they’re captured and printed no one can ever take them away from us. What an amazing gift that is! Photography has changed my life and helps me see beauty everywhere. Do you realize how much beauty you live everyday? Trust me, it’s there...even in the mundane details. I love showing that to people.

Fun facts

I'm a complete and total nature nut. Listening to Bob Marley puts my soul at ease, and I truly believe that "every little thing is gonna be alright." Vermont and the Adirondacks have my heart. I've climbed New York State's highest peak and would love to someday be an "Adirondack 46-er." I have no idea what's in Indian food but I love it and could honestly eat it everyday. I hate cooking. I love cats. I ironically spend way too much money thrift shopping...probably 99% of my clothes and belongings are 2nd-hand. I love finding a great piece of furniture at Goodwill and restoring it into something rustic and fabulous. Frye boots and Free People are my weakness. I've seen every episode of The Office way too many times, and I could watch Dumb and Dumber for all eternity. My favorite cocktail? Margarita. Favorite musical artist? Lisa Hannigan. Pet peave? Mean people.


Something Unique

It's all in the details

I'm a big believer in printed products! I think your story should be in your hands...not on your hard drive. It's important to me to wrap it all up in something unique, hand-crafted and made with love and care. No two people will ever receive the same package from me. Different people, different packaging...every time. 

So who do I love working with?

It thrills me to work with adventurers, goofballs, people who own their unique stories, and who embrace everyday beauty. If you’re simply looking for traditional, posed photos then I’m probably not your girl. If you’re looking for something a bit different, for someone to pour their heart into creating memories with you, for a touch of art and a whole lot of fun…then I think we can create something really beautiful together.

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