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Laura + Geoff | Married

Laura and Geoff: overflowing with warmth, genuine kindness, a killer sense of humor and a ridiculous level of unending charisma. Not just one of them…both of them. The two of them together are a party you never want to leave, a hug you never want to let go of, a connection you feel so much gratitude in finding.

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Amber + Nate | Farm Wedding

I first got to hang out with Amber + Nate last June when we hung out in Cazenovia, NY for their engagement session and had SO MUCH FUN…exploring, goofing off, and basically learning that they’re top-notch humans who are just good to be around. So come September, I was so excited to see them again for their wedding, held at Our Farm in Manlius, NY…a gorgeous farm venue owned by some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. I loved everything about their day, but my favorite part was, no doubt, the pumpkin launch. I didn’t even know such a thing existed! Make sure you get to the end of the story so you can see it…complete with medieval hats. Yup, not your average farm wedding.

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Stephanie + Will | Crispin Hill Wedding

Stephanie and Will married on a hot summer day at Crispin Hill, a gorgeous Finger Lakes venue situated around a charming modern farmhouse. I’ll remember their day as one filled with that close knit kind of family love. The kind that makes you feel like a part of everything. The kind that’s intoxicating and hard to part with at the end of the day. On top of that, every detail was gorgeous.

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Marie + Kyle | Rochester, NY Wedding

Marie and Kyle’s day was focused on everything a good wedding story should be focused on…to sum it up, love + unification. Two families from across the world, coming together to celebrate. And it was an incredible celebration. And the dancing…the BEST dancing. It was hard to part with this day, but I’ll hold onto the gratitude I feel toward these humans for a long, long time.

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Nikki + Bill | Geneva, NY Wedding

Nikki + Bill were married at The North Farm in Geneva, NY…a perfect barn venue close to Seneca Lake, situated on acres of gorgeous farm land. Nikki + Bill are both artists with huge amounts of talent. Nikki’s a designer for Free People and Bill’s a mixed media artist (find his work here). They’re two of the warmest, kindest, and most grounded people I’ve met. Through the potential chaos of a wedding day, they were such a calming presence…reminding the people around them why they were really there.

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Emma + Alex | Artisan Works Wedding

Emma and Alex's October wedding at Artisan Works was a delight. I first got to hang out with them last June when we spent time at Taughannock Falls, frolicking in the water and capturing the newness of their engagement. During our time there, I found out that they're wise beyond their years, up for anything, and are really, really in love. It was an honor to see their wedding story through to the end.

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